Simple Affiliate Linking for Amazon

With the Amazon Associates program you can link to products sold on Amazon to earn commissions on purchases made with those links. The trouble is, creating those links is a hassle on iOS. Associate fixes that with easy to use search and link conversion. 

Associate's search functionality means the entire Amazon store is at the tips of your fingers, literally. Run a search and tap the result you want. Associate does all the hard work of generating an affiliate link that includes your Amazon Associates credentials. Once you have your link, you can share it with one person or a thousand, its just as easy either way.

That's pretty great by itself, but Associate's extension adds a whole other dimension to affiliate linking by letting you generate links from within Amazon's own app or any other app where you find an Amazon link. Associate grabs the link and converts it into an affiliate link in just one tap.

And for writers, Associate supports three different Markdown link formats, and can add product names automatically as link titles. Associate also works with Split View on iPads so you can keep it handy next to your text editor as you write. By automating the link creation process, Associate lets you concentrate on what is most important – your writing.

Associate is available for every region supported by the Amazon Associates program: US, UK, China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, and India. To find more information, and sign up for the Amazon Associates program, visit the Amazon Associates website for the respective region. 

See Associate in Action:

Demo Video

Associate is unaffiliated with, LLC

King Me! - Checkers For Apple TV


Play checkers against friends and family with King Me!

A friendly game of checkers is a great way to relax and have fun in gorgeous 3D on your big screen TV. Pass the remote back and forth to take turns with another person clicking to pick up and drop checkers and swiping or tapping to select a destination for your piece.

King Me! is $2.99 (US) on the new Apple TV App Store. You can download King Me! by going to the App Store on your Apple TV and searching for "king me".

Demo Video:

King Me! is a checkers game for Apple TV


Take the hassle out of tracking driving hours.


Drive allows students to effortlessly keep track of their required driving hours. Adding a new drive is quick and easy and Drive keeps a running total of all hours logged. Drive also tracks total hours spent across the following categories:

- clear weather

- rain

- snow

- residential driving

- highway driving

- day driving

- night driving




A Logbook for Runners


LogMyRun is an easy-to-use logbook for runners who want to track their runs and plan their training.   

Runners love data, but not everyone wants to lug around their iPhone to collect that data. With LogMyRun, runners now have a simple way to enter run details and track their runs without carrying their phones.

Keeping a paper running journal is tedious. You have to enter the same data like route names and distances over and over. LogMyRun streamlines the process of recording runs with a simple design that the process quick and painless. 

LogMyRun displays your run data in a detailed logbook as well as in data dashboards and graphs that help runners track their training progress. LogMyRun also makes it easy to share your runs with your teammates and friends via email, Twitter and Facebook. 


Everything is a thing if you really think about it.


Vlcnr is a sound effect companion app for fans of Myke Hurley and Matt Alexander's retired Bionic podcast. Fair warning: if you do not listen to Bionic, you may not "get" this app. Those of you who are listeners, however, can now incorporate the suspense and drama of Vlcnr, Myke and Matt's, volcanic island-based start-up, into your everyday life. 


Practice Your Math Facts


MathTime is an easy-to-use flash card app that will help you practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Do you do "mad minute" math drills at your school? If so, MathTime is a great way to increase your speed and master your math facts. 

MathTime combines four separate math drills in one app: 

- addition

- subtraction

- multiplication and

- division