Blink FAQs

I am not a member of the iTunes affiliate program, how do I sign up?

The iTunes affiliate program is run by Apple and Performance Horizon Group; it is not associated with Blink or Squibner LLC in any way. You can apply to participate in the iTunes affiliate program at this link:

Do I need an affiliate token and a campaign token?

  • You need an affiliate token to get credit in the iTunes affiliate program, but Blink will create a link for you regardless of whether you have saved an affiliate token.
  • You do not need to include a campaign token to get iTunes affiliate program credit, but they are a handy way to track links used in different places. For instance, you might have one campaign token for your blog and another for a Twitter account so you can see how much affiliate traffic each generates.

I don't seem to be getting any clicks from the links I created with Blink. Why?

  • Make sure you saved an affiliate token in the Blink Settings. Blink will create a link for you regardless of whether you have provided an affiliate code, but you will only get affiliate credit if you use the affiliate token you received when you signed up for the iTunes affiliate program. Blink Settings are accessible from the gear icon in the upper right corner of the first screen in Blink.
  • Check that you correctly entered your affiliate token. Every token contains a lower case "L" which is easy to mistake for a "1"
  • Don't forget to post the link somewhere where someone can click on it. You do not get affiliate credit for purchasing items through your own links.

Is Blink universal?

Yes. When you buy Blink, you get the iPhone and iPad versions.

Does Blink have an extension?

Yes. With Blink you can convert common App Store and iTunes links into affiliate links from within other apps that provide access to those types of links. You can even search for media by sending the Blink extension text, from which you can create links.

If I buy media using the View In Store button, will I get an affiliate commission on my own purchase?

No, the View in Store functionality is meant to provide additonal information about media only, it is not intended as an alternate means of shopping for media.

Does Blink support URL schemes?

Yes! Blink can be integrated with other apps that support URL schemes such as Launch Center Pro and Drafts using Blink's URL scheme. You can read more here.

Does Blink support app bundles?

Blink and its extension support converting App Bundle links into affiliate links, but they will not show up in search results in the app or via its search URL scheme because the iTunes Search API that Blink uses does not support app bundles.

Help! I sent the Blink extension a random URL and got an error.

What did you expect? Blink only supports URLs with the following formats:

  • You should only send Blink other URLs if you like reading our error alerts.

Blink is trimming the spaces between the words I added as a campaign token, what gives?

Campaign tokens cannot contain spaces so Blink eliminates any spaces between words before saving your campaign token.

Why can't I add more than 40 characters to my campaign token?

Campaign tokens cannot exceed 40 characters so Blink only accepts 40 characters.

What gives? I get search results when I use the Blink extension from an app's update page.

Unlike other app description pages in the App Store, the page you reach via the Updates page of the app does not provide a link to the app for Blink to convert. Instead, Blink uses the title of the app to generate search results. You can pick the app from the search results and generate the link from that way.

Can I create affiliate codes for Amazon items or for some other affiliate program?

No. Blink supports only the iTunes affiliate program.

I want a refund. How do I do that?

Apple handles all requests for refunds directly. You can request a refund here.