Setting Up LogMyRun Actions In Launch Center Pro

Setting up LogMyRun actions in Launch Center Pro is easy. After you install Launch Center Pro on your iPhone or iPod Touch, tap the pencil icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. 
Next, pick a spot for your shortcut to a LogMyRun action by tapping "+" and choosing "Action" from the popup.
The Action Composer will appear, with links to all of the apps on your device that support Launch Center Pro. Scroll down to the LogMyRun icon and choose the action you want to add from the list.
That's it. You're finished. The next time you tap the LogMyRun icon in Launch Center Pro, it will take you right to the action you set up.
Creating frequently-used LogMyRun actions in Launch Center Pro is a great way to make tracking your runs on the go even easier. Launch Center Pro is available from AppCubby on the iTunes store for $2.99 and supports hundreds of apps. Try it and check out if you are curious which of your other apps support Launch Center Pro. LogMyRun is available on the iTunes Store for $1.99.