"This is Blink"

A voice has been rattling around inside my skull over and over for the last few weeks. It keeps saying "This is Blink." It's not my voice though, it's Myke Hurley's because, you see, he did the voiceover for the Blink preview video and I listened to him repeat those words over and over as I edited the video. His words stuck and got me thinking as launch day approached, "What is Blink?"

For most people, Blink will be a productivity tool. An iOS app that reduces the friction of creating iTunes affiliate links. You can search for apps, movies, tv shows, music or books, create affiliate links and share them on your blog, twitter or wherever else you share links. You can also convert various types of existing links into affiliate links that include your own affiliate credentials. Blink's extension and URL scheme make this especially easy and quick.

I'm really proud with how Blink turned out and I think the people who need and want such a tool will like it. But as I sit here just before releasing Blink to the world, I have to admit that I'm spent. I poured everything I had into making this app a reality; nearly every spare moment of many, many weeks was dedicated to it. That is not a complaint, it's just what it took. I relished every moment of the journey and am pleased with where I have ended up, but now that I can take a deep breath, the fatigue has finally begun to seep in.

I have no idea how many or how few potential customers Blink has or how many of those will buy it. I hope a lot do. For me though, Blink is more than a tool. It's a promise that I made to myself and kept. It was an opportunity to collaborate with Myke, who not only lent his voice to the preview video, but was a constant source of advice and enouragement along the way, and Frank Towers, whose iconography and design touches made the difference between an app I might have hidden away in a folder and one that really shines on my homescreen.

As I sit here, about to release Blink to the world, I have started to ask myself "what's next?" I have some ideas, but no firm answers. The path forward is not clear, but I do know that Blink is most certainly a beginning, not the end, and by that measure, it is already resounding success.