iTunes Affiliate Dashboard Updated

The dashboard that iTunes affiliate program members use to track affiliate statistics was updated last night. The redesign is a welcome change from the old version, which had limited configurability. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The UI has been completely redesigned. The use of color and iconography add up to a much more usable site overall.
  • The site feels snappier to me than the old version, both on launch and when adjusting variables in the dashboard.
  • Graphs are highly customizable. You can now look at statistics for today, yesterday, this week, the last seven days, the current month, the last 30 days, the year to date or a completely customizable date range.
  • The site is responsive. View it on an iPhone and statistics above the graph are limited to one parameter, which can be changed using a drop-down menu. The companion iOS app, ExactView, has not been updated yet and until it is, I will be using the now-superior mobile site to track affiliate links.
  • The tables at the bottom of the page now include a column called "Graph" that makes overlaying graphs for those variables more intuitive than it was in the past.
  • A real-time "clicks per second" gauge has been added to the botttom of the page for those of you pushing lots of traffic.
My click rate could use some work.

The roll-out is not without bugs. When I created a table sorted by country and items purchased with my affiliate links, the table included coutries where no items had been purchased before countries where items had been purchased. Overall, however, the dashboard redesign is big improvement and, with the new analytics found in iTunes Connect, hopefully signals a new emphasis on providing developers, affiliate program members and other third party partners with better analytics.

About the Author: John Voorhees is the creator of Blink: Better Affiliate Links, an iOS affiliate linking app, which explains his unnatural obsession with affiliate linking.