Drafts 4.6 and Blink 2.3: A Great Pairing

Ever since share and action extensions were introduced to iOS, I have wondered what would become of URL schemes. So much of what power users used to do with URL schemes is now baked into extensions. But extensions can't do it all, which is aptly demonstrated by a URL scheme-based action created by Greg Pierce, the developer of Drafts, to show off the 'replaceRange' parameter in the Drafts 4.6 URL scheme using Blink.

Select some text in Drafts and tap Greg's action. Drafts sends the selected text to Blink, which runs a search. Once you select a result and type of link you want to create, Blink sends the link back to Drafts which replaces the selected text with the link. It's really quite magical and makes Drafts a great choice if you are use iTunes affiliate links in your writing.

You can grab Greg's action here from the Drafts Action Directory. Drafts 4.6 was released today with lots of great new features, and Blink 2.3 was release just last week.