Blink Update

Not three weeks ago, Blink: Better Affiliate Links launched. The overwhelmingly positive response from customers and reviewers has been gratifying. Thank you for all the kind words.

Today, marks the release of Blink 1.01, which cleans up a few rough edges and adds some functionality. Most notably, Blink can now convert and links, which are used by Apple's official Twitter accounts to promote apps and other media. Link conversion is as easy as using the Blink extension or pasting the links into the Blink search box and tapping search. In addition, Blink's URL scheme now fetches media title when converting links, even if the title is not provided with the link that is converted.

So what's next for Blink? First off, will be adding link conversion support for short links, which recently started appearing online. Other enhancements and features are in the works too, but it is a little early to announce those just yet. You can keep up with major announcements via the Squibner email newsletter by signing up at

In other news, if you are curious about what the run up and aftermath of Blink's launch was like, listen to my interview with Myke Hurley on's fantastic podcast Inquisitive: Behind the App starting with episode 34, which will be released later this week. This is one of my very favorite podcasts and it was an honor to be asked by Myke to participate. If you have not listened to this special Inquisitive series yet go back and listen to them all. Behind the App is only seven episodes into the series and it really is something special.

Finally, if you have been enjoying Blink and have not yet rated it, please consider leaving a rating and/or review. Reviews and ratings are the best way for others discover Blink and ultimately, fund continuing development.