Ruminate: Starting Something New

Months ago Robb Lewis suggested we start a podcast. I was slow to bite. The last several months have been busy as I released and updated my iOS app, Blink. I'm cautious about starting new thing because I have a day job, so my time for side projects is limited. But Robb's idea stuck. Each time I came up for air on something else I was working on, my mind would wander back to what a show with Robb could be. That's when I knew we should give it a go.

On its surface, Ruminate is an Apple-tech-centric podcast. There are a lot of those, but I think Robb and I have a unique perspective that you might enjoy. Lots of people talk about the tools we use to make whatever it is that we make and I enjoy those shows myself. But one thing that I think sets Ruminate apart is its focus not just on the tools, but on how they fit into the process -- how do we use them, why do we use them and where do they fit into our everyday lives? And because there's more to life than gear, we will also be talking about some of the strange or amusing things that cross our paths from time to time, whether that's a weird story we found in a local newspaper or a good movie one of us saw.

Ruminate will be published every two weeks -- you might even say it's a fortnightly podcast, which are all the rage these days. I enjoyed making our first first episode and think it turned out really well, but it's just a start. Robb and I are new at this, so I know it will get better as we learn the ropes of podcasting. We would love to have you along for the ride as the show evolves.

Ruminate's home is at You can subscribe to Ruminate via RSS at and it should be in iTunes in the next day or two or you can download it directly at You can also follow Ruminate on Twitter: @ruminatepodcast.

-John Voorhees