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Squibner LLC, based in Hinsdale, Illinois

Founding Date: 

September 25, 2008



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Retired Apps:

  • Pacer
  • MathTime EX


Squibner LLC is a family-run iOS development company comprised of Owen and John Voorhees that is based in Hinsdale, Illinois.


Squibner LLC was founded by Owen Voorhees in 2008, shortly after the iTunes App Store opened for business. Self-taught at an early age, Owen's first app, MathTime, received media attention from Inc. MagazineRush Limbaugh and other media outlets. 

Since those early days, Owen has expanded Squibner's stable of apps with offerings in the Education and Fitness categories gaining proficiency with a wide variety of Cocoa Touch APIs. In 2013, Owen attended his first WWDC on a student scholarship.

In addition to his Squibner development, Owen contributed to the open source version of the VLC media player for Mac as part of the Google Code-In program and has open sourced the custom graphing code that was developed in connection with LogMyRun. Owen is a junior at Hinsdale Central High School

John Voorhees has been involved with Squibner behind the scenes from the start. In 2014, he joined Owen as Squibner's second developer with Blink, an iTunes affiliate linking app for iOS that is due to launch in early 2015. 


Blink is an iOS affiliate linking app that works with the iTunes affiliate program. With Blink, you can quickly search across the App Store, the Mac App Store, the iTunes Store and the iBooks store and generate affiliate links from the results. Blink also converts appsto.re, itun.es, appstore.com and itunes.com links into affiliate links.  Especially helpful for writers, Blink can create affiliate links as plain links or using one of three Markdown formats.

Blink includes an extension that makes it simple to generate links from within Apple's mobile stores and anywhere else you find links. You can even integrate Blink into more complex workflows with its URL scheme. 

iTunes Store Link (not live until March 19th): https://itunes.apple.com/app/id946766863


Screenshots and preview videos are also available to download here.


Screenshots and preview videos are also available to download here.


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